Rejestrator znajduje zastosowanie wszędzie tam gdzie obowiązkowa jest ewidencja i archiwizacja temperatury. Zwłaszcza w sektorze spożywczym, rolniczym, chłodniczym, farmaceutycznym i laboratoryjnym. Danie można wykorzystać w transporcie chłodniczym. Rejestrator RC-5 pozwala przy współpracy klawiszy dokonać podglądu dużej i minimalnej temperatury zmierzonej, sygnalizacja optyczna przekroczonych limitów alarmowych. Do obsługi rejestratora do katalogu dana jest tablica z aplikacja.
Bet (Dentist)(non-registered)
Elaine your pictures are amazing. So glad I checked out your site.
Your images capture miracles otherwise not visible to me. You are a gifted artist. Please continue!!
Tracy Lewos(non-registered)
Your Cuba pictures are incredible! Enjoyed your web site you are an amazing photographer!
Brennie Amrita(non-registered)
You have so captured the awesome beauty of Mother Nature. Thank you for allowing me to share the experience.
Molly Layton(non-registered)
So glad there's a spot on the web where I can get to the full range of your photography. It's been wonderful to watch how much of the ineffable you increasingly gather into your images.
Rae Cook(non-registered)
Your photographs make me love trees even more! Thank you for capturing their beauty and sharing it.
Lois Mauro(non-registered)
These are fantastic!!! So glad you did this!
Amazing photography... who are you?
Sylvia Doner(non-registered)
Love the new website. Your water images are fabulous. You know that water talks to me.

Great work,
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