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It was my love affair with nature that led me to my immersion into the world of photography, As an avid birdwatcher, I spent hours in the woods listening for their songs and observing their behavior. I started noticing things I hadn't seen before: reflections in water, delicate spiderwebs, textures of leaves, shapes and colors of landscapes. I wanted to share my emotional response to what I was seeing, so I bought my first camera.
My most influential mentor on this journey was a woman named Nancy Rotenberg. In 2005, I took a workshop she gave called the Creative Process in which she taught us the difference between a taking a record of an image, a "handshake", and developing an intimate relationship with a subject. Her goal was to help her students to find their most creative self and express that self in our images . She generously shared her photographic vision and inspired me to find mine. Nancy passed on in 2011 but her light still shines.
Photography has become a great joy in my life . It is a passion that has led me to explore more and more of the world's beautiful places. Most significantly though, it has taken me to a quiet place inside, and some of my most peaceful and spiritual moments have been in losing myself in the petal of a flower.