My Iove affair with photography came later in life and through a back door. I developed a passion for birdwatching and abandoned a long standing morning meditation practice for wandering in the woods searching for and learning about birds. I devoted myself to identifying their calls and exploring their habitat.  I was captivated and my senses were awakened to the wonders of nature. My binoculars, while not abandoned, took a back seat when I bought my first "grown up" camera, a Canon SLR and I attempted to capture the magic I was experiencing, first in film and later in the digital camera. I discovered a creative side of myself that I never knew existed.

Photography became a passion and in pursuit of my craft and to expand my vision, I travelled extensively to beautiful places in the country and abroad with wonderful teachers. I have photographed dramatic landscapes and seascapes and cultures.

My most influential and inspiring teacher was Nancy Rotenberg who introduced me to the magic of macro photography . She taught her students how to photograph from the heart and to become intimate with a subject. Music and poetry were an integral part of her workshops as she nurtured our creativity. Nancy passed away in 2011, but not before left an indelible mark. Ioften hear her voice as I lose myself in the petal of a flower.

It has taken years for me to develop my photographic voice and I feel so grateful for the joy that practicing my craft now affords me. Most recently, the subjects that most capture my imagination are botanicals that live in my garden or found at my local florist. The time I photographing has become my spiritual practice. I have experimented with vintage and art lenses as well as different creative and editing techniques to expand my create process.

It is my hope that my work communicates the awe that I feel for nature and that it elicits in the viewer his or her own emotional reaction, one that provokes a love and appreciation of nature and the desire to protect our precious natural resources.